Bekki’s Success Story

I first thought seriously about setting up my own business in June 2013. I’ve always loved animals and was really excited to learn about the Total Pet Services franchise opportunity.  However I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about the earning potential as the earning potential in the first year seemed completely unachievable.

I couldn’t believe how much time and effort Steph and Nicola spent helping me to set up my own business and was delighted to get my first client only a week after implementing the marketing plan they did for me. I received all my training and was able to be up and running within 6 weeks of signing my franchise agreement.

11 months on my business is thriving, I have regular bookings every week and was fully booked for boarding for the summer. I’ve held my first dog show  which Nicola helped me organise and was there for support on the day, it was a great success and I’m already planning a bigger and better one for next year!

I’m so pleased that I chose Total Pet Services as I really feel supported every step of the way. I only have to pick up the phone and Steph or Nicola are on hand to answer any queries . To be perfectly honest, if I was doing this by myself I would have probably given up by now, there is so much more to running a business than you can ever imagine.

Kate’s Success Story

1339421833I joined Total Pet Services in June 2012 having already worked for another of the Total Pet Services franchises. My husband’s job relocated which gave me the perfect opportunity to take on a franchise of my own.

Although I had worked for one of the franchises, I had no idea about how much went on behind the scenes to create a successful business. Nicola created my website and did all the marketing for me and Steph came to spend a day with me. Her experience was invalid in deciding what geographical areas to focus on, as being in an extremely rural area meant I could easily have spent my days travelling large distances and not earning any money. Being completely new to an area meant that I really was starting from scratch as I didn’t have any existing contacts.

My business really started to thrive from day 1 and only 6 months after signing my franchise agreement I signed up my 50th client! 18 months into my franchise I decided that I didn’t want my business to get any bigger and I was really worried about how Steph and Nicola would react. I needn’t have worried as they reiterated that they meant what they had said at the start, that they will never push anyone to grow their business more than they feel comfortable with or offer any services that really don’t work for you.

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