Dog Walking
– A great way to keep fit, providing small group walks of up to 4 dogs for 30 minutes or 1 hour. You’ll enjoy being out in all weathers, discovering all those walks that you never knew existed. For the more sensitive dogs you might spend more time getting to know them with an individual walk.

Day Care– Have your charges dropped off at your home in the morning to enjoy the day with you before they are collected tired and happy at home time.

Home Boarding for dogs – For those dogs needing a longer stay you will welcome dogs into your home and treat them as if they were your own while their owners are away.

Small Pet Visits – Whether it’s cats, rabbits, chickens, rats or even a Pygmy Hedgehog, you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome (from most of them anyway!), when you visit to feed, fuss, clean out or even give medication.

Housesitting – Depending on your own commitments you might offer to stay in the owner’s home so that all their pets can stay together in their own environment

Weddings – A new exciting service where you will give couples marrying locally the chance to involve their pets in the big day!

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