The Opportunity


We know that there are a range of pet franchise opportunities available, offering various services and backed by varying levels of  expertise, so……….. 

What Makes Our Franchise Different?

Each franchisee has their own defined area within which to work and we will never award the same area to more than one franchisee.  Our businesses work best when they are owned by someone living in the area, so we will advise you on the area that we feel has the most potential.  We will never sell you a franchise area that we feel has not got the potential to give you a successful return on your investment

We are offering a franchise that puts a high emphasis on dog behaviour
Every franchisee will receive basic training in understanding dog behaviour, why dogs do what they do and how to interact with the dogs in their care.  In addition, there will be an opportunity for franchisees wishing to further extend their learning and earning potential to progress to a more enhanced level and offer 1-1 behaviour consultations and/or puppy classes.

Career progression
This is an important element of the Total Pet Services franchise package.  Whether you want to grow your team by employing staff or add additional services to increase your earning potential, we will support you at a pace that suits your lifestyle and your ambition.

A Commitment to ongoing support
We are aware that some franchise companies do not charge a monthly fee. We do and make no apologies for this as your money is reinvested in regular training/meetings/technological updates in order for our franchisees to stay at the forefront of the industry.

We will give you everything you need to set up and run your business

Plus we will ensure you understand how to make sure you always get paid on time and how to make sure you win new business ahead of your competitors!

If you would like to start your business the right way without worrying about these sorts of problems, join our team and learn from those who already know the answers.

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