What can I earn?

How much do you want to earn? How many hours would you like to work? What services will you choose to offer? After all it is YOUR business!

How much you earn will depend on what services you offer. If you offer the full range of services from day 1, it is entirely reasonable to expect to earn around £15k in your first year. Going forward £25k+ per year is possible just doing the work yourself and working around school hours. One of our larger franchises earns over £1100 per week in dog walks alone – it really is up to you!

Just imagine – being your own boss, working the hours you choose and deciding how much you’d like to earn!

More detailed financial projections are available once you take your application to the next stage. Please contact us for more information here

Prefer to make a larger upfront investment and have a larger guaranteed income from day 1? We sometimes have areas for resale with an existing client base. Please ask us for details.

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