Afternoon Tea and a few (hic!) cocktails!

It’s not all just about being muddy and wet at this time of year, we like to let our hair down a bit too (after dusting off the straighteners and hairdryer  – well it is the season of frizz!). We had our belated Christmas get together a few weeks ago after struggling to get a date that suited everyone – testimony to how genuinely busy our franchisees are!

So off we set to London with grand plans for a day enjoying cocktails, tapas, a trip on the London Eye, afternoon tea on the Thames and most importantly a good old gossip and catch up!

What we didn’t bank on was that we had chosen one of the windiest days on record, with the UK suffering gale force winds from the tail end of a hurricane in the USA!

First challenge – meeting at South Bank when we were all travelling in to different train stations! Kate and I both ended up at Waterloo so decided to meet at the exit. Needless to say it took several phone calls and  doubling back through the station until we both ended up at the same exit!

Next challenge – Just trying to walk! Now if you have ever tried to walk in a wind tunnel against gale force winds then you will know exactly what I mean. We would think we were ok, turn a corner and be blown back 3 feet!

Finally we all managed to find our meeting place and settled down for a drink. By this time we had realised that the London Eye was closed due to the winds so we thought we’d have another drink (well it was 2for1!). With the drinks flowing nicely we thought we’d order a few snacks. The tapas menu sounded lovely so it made sense to order a plate of everything!

After a couple of hours we had polished off all of the delicious tapas and sampled much of the cocktail menu when we realised that it was almost time for our afternoon tea sitting.

Luckily the wind had calmed down a little but walking around even a moored boat on choppy water, without the addition of alcohol, is a little tricky! It was hilarious and it wasn’t just us struggling. There was a lot of laughter on that boat!

We then had to tackle the afternoon tea – basically we had eaten far too many tapas but luckily the cakes and sandwiches were far too delicious to leave!

DSC_4632 (2)

All in all we had a fantastic day out. It was lovely to catch up with everyone for a social outing where we could all let our hair down. We regularly meet for training events but I think it’s the social events we all look forward to the most!

If you think you’d like to be there for our next social outing then please contact us about joining our team – we are already planning the summer social event!

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